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wut i wanna do in life dont take no education

What it takes is pure love and dedication

Crystal Virus
13 April
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eat my fuck fucking fuck.

Bwaha im fabulous cause i wanna start the HUGS

give romantic_misfit more *HUGS*

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10 minutes down, 10md, a global threat, alaine, alien crime syndicate, alkaline trio, anberlin, anti flag, arguing, as i lay dying, aus rotten, bands, bass, beyond tomorrow, black flag, black hair, blitz, blue meanies, brand new, bright eyes, cameras, catch 22, chaos uk, cheap sex, chips, cky, concerts, cro-mags, dane cook, darkness, darko, dead kennedys, defiance, destroy, devotchkas, dicks, donnie darko, dropkick murphys, eyeliner, five iron frenzy, friends, funeral for a friend, further seems forever, gatsbys american dream, goldfinger, good charlotte, guitar, guys, h2o, hair, hats, hawthorne heights, him, jake gyllenhal, kane hodder, kasper, leftover crack, let's go bowling, love, mae, melissa, mest, minor threat, my chemical romance, no doubt, nofx, oi, oi polloi, oneway system, operation ivy, ox blood, oxymoron, patches, pictures, posters, rancid, random, red alert, reel big fish, rock, running around, rx bandits, saves the day, sex pistols, sexyness, shiny objects, sillyness, ska, ska-p, skanking, skanks, slapping, slapshot, slippers, snowboarding, soda, spikes, static lullaby, studs, sub-like, subhumans, taking back sunday, ten minutes down, the agents, the aquabats, the bastards, the buzzocks, the cheapskates, the clash, the cure, the early november, the exploited, the gadjits, the havoc, the hippos, the hunns, the hurting process, the misfits, the oi! scouts, the ramones, the restarts, the skatalites, the skeptix, the slackers, the specials., the suicide machines, the supertones, the virus, thursday, tony lovato, total chaos, uk subs, undies, voodoo glow, weiners